Artist Name: Sarah Call

Title of Work: Burb 

Media Used: Terra Cotta

1) Why did you call this piece ‘Burb’?

2) I selected this piece because of its name and the singing BURB.

3) This art makes me feel happy, and it tells me that Spring is Here!

I apologize for my sketch, I was trying to be quick. 


Artist Name: Miya Thomas

Title of Work: Blended

Media Used: Aryclic Paint, Ink, and Chalk.

1) Is this your face? Or someone else’s?

2) This piece stood out, not because of its name, because of the oranges and blues.

3) This piece makes me feel contested. Being that the oranges and blues counteract each other.

I pardon for the sketch, I was trying to be quick. I can’t draw hair.